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These sermons are form various places, on Youtube, you can look for the videos of the sermons by visiting Youtube and then search the name of the artist listed. So many Amazing Sermons of inspiration and worship, dedicating their time so that you can hear the words of inspiration of God. Learn how Jesus instructed his Church, learn how his Apostles dealt with doubt and hear how Gods children inspired themselves when they felt alone and abandoned. Their is nothing in the world that can keep us from falling but only the Words of the Father our God who can lift us up from the dark places we find our selves in. No amount of money, jewels cars or clothes will clean our souls.

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Dedicating our selves to God! Calling out to Jesus as your Holy King and the Son of God is nothing to be ashamed of! You have every right to put your trust in the LORD God and our King Jesus to guide us with the Holy Spirit! Holy Dedications on the Flow. Seek Jesus, Seek Peace, Seek Love. No matter how hard things get for you, know and trust in Jesus when he said to his Disciples that when we call on God he will hear. Just tune in to God where ever you are, stop take a deep breath and ask Jesus to lend you his Ear.

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Call upon Jesus!

If mans law tells you to break Gods' law, then you know mans law is wrong. Do not let man tell you how God does things. The KJV Bible is Gods' instructions. Jesus tells us If it is difficult to understand it, Pray to Jesus, and the Spirit will help.